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YFGZ3(GZG) series DC power supply cabinets (intelligent high frequency switch type) are suitable for the DC power supply systems of electric equipment and relay protection device in power plants and transformer substations, used as power supply device for controlling, signal, communication, protection as well as DC emergency lighting and power sets.
The product adopts high frequency switch type rectifying device, is featured with small volume, light quality, superior technical index, modular design, N+1 warm back-up mode, convenient four remote, etc. The product proceeds intelligent management to the charging condition of storage battery and working state of DC power supply cabinet, so that to guarantee service life of storage battery. It is equipped with central controller, with remote control function, improves reliability and automation level of DC system.
The product is in accordance with JB/T5777.4-2000 General specification and safety requirements for DC power supply equipment of power projects.
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