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  YFNL(DPN vigiG) (phase line + neutral line + leakage + over-voltage) series leakage circuit breaker Back to
YFNL(DPN vigiG) series leakage circuit breaker is suitable for line of AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 230V, rated current 40A and below, used to protect
person against indirect contact, and protect the buildings and similar lines against over-current. It also can be used to protect the equipment against fire caused
by lasting earth fault due to the non-operation of over-current protection device. The leakage circuit breaker with over-voltage protection function also can
protect the device against over voltage caused by mains failure.
More and more of this series leakage circuit breakers are applied as backup protection for earth fault, direct contact and indirect contact electric shock.
The product is in accordance with GB16917.1 and IEC61009-1.
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