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  YF65LE (vigiC65) series leakage circuit breaker Back to
YF65LE (vigiC65) series leakage circuit breaker is suitable for line of AC50Hz~60Hz, rated voltage 400V and below, rated current up to 63A, when someone
gets an electric shock or when the leakage current of the power grid exceeds the stipulated value, the leakage circuit breaker will cut off the trouble power
in a short time to protect the person and power consumers, it also can protect the line and motor against overload or short-circuit, besides, it can be used to
switch the circuit and start the motor infrequently.
The product is suitable for various occasions such as industries, commerce, high-rise, residential houses and so on.
The product is in accordance with GB16917.1 and IEC61009-1, has the international advanced level of 1990s.
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