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  YFGCS Complete set of draw-out low voltage switch equipment (hereinafter referred to as device) is
developed according to the requirements from industry competent department, numerous electric
users and design unit by original state mechanical department, united design group of power
department. It conforms to national conditions and with higher technical performance index, and
adapts the demands for power market development and able to compete with available imported
products. The device passed the authentication jointly presided by two departments in July 1996 in
Shanghai. It obtains the recognition and affirmation from manufacturing unit and power consumer
The device is applicable to the distribution system of power station, petroleum, chemical engineering,
metallurgy, weaving and tall building industries etc. In the places with high automaticity and need
computer to joint, such as large-scale power station and petrochemical industry system etc, it is the
low voltage complete distribution device used in the generating and power supply system with threephase
AC50(60)Hz, rated working voltage 380V, rated current 4000A and below for distribution,
motor central control and reactive power compensation. The device accords with standards IEC439-
1 and GB7251.1.

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